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If your home hasn’t seen a broom or mop in awhile, it may be due for a deep cleaning. Extra Care House Cleaning specializes in Los Angeles cleaning services of all kinds, including one-time deep cleanings, house cleanings, and regular housekeeping. We believe all Los Angeles residents deserve to live in a sanitary and clean environment at home, and this is a main reason why we provide our services.
We also serve Beverly Hills, Culver City, Laguna Beach, Santa Monica, South Gate, West Hollywood, and metro areas in Orange County.
If you need to get rid of deep-seated grime and dirt that has accumulated in your home over time, our deep house cleaning service will be perfect for you. Not only will a deep clean leave your home sparkling, but it will also keep potential health hazards, like mold, at bay.
Plus, if you choose to use our regular signature deep cleaning service, you’ll not only save money but also get top-quality home cleaning on a weekly or biweekly basis. Our cleaning professionals are efficient, and their biweekly visits will ensure your home stays clean all year round!
So if you’re looking for a reliable and affordable cleaning service in Los Angeles, CA, look no further than Extra Care House Cleaning!

Home Deep Cleaning Services Make All These Problems Go Away

It might be overwhelming to look at a list like this and realize that your house needs attention.
Here at Extra Care House Cleaning, we understand that maintaining a clean and orderly home can seem like a daunting task, especially when life gets busy. Work, raising kids, and other obligations can leave little time for cleaning. That’s why we’re here to give you professional help!
Our deep cleaning service can make all the difference. Our cleaning professionals have to pass a rigorous background check and they’re highly trained to give you the best possible service.
Ready to have your home looking brand new again? Book our home cleaning services and our professional cleaners will show up and provide the deep house cleaning services that you deserve.

What Is Deep Cleaning?

Deep cleaning is a more intense form of cleaning, one that involves removing all dirt and stains from your home. A deep cleaning job will focus on overlooked areas, such as the corners of the room, the space above cabinets, and the crevices between furniture. A service like this will truly ensure your home is clean from top to bottom.
Homes and businesses that have not been cleaned in awhile can benefit greatly from getting deep cleaning. In such places, a regular cleaning job probably wouldn’t be enough.

Benefits of a Deep Cleaning Service

Most people don’t enjoy house cleaning duties, as they’re tedious, time-consuming, and often frustrating. Why put yourself through all that when you can hire a residential cleaning service to do an amazing job?
At Extra Care House Cleaning, we offer a variety of house and rental property cleaning services, and our services will make your home clean, sanitary, and comfortable. And in a clean environment, you’ll feel better mentally and physically too.

When to Use Home Deep Cleaning Services in Los Angeles, CA

A deep cleaning service is an occasional service you get for a specific purpose. You might schedule one when:

Signs Your Home Needs a Deep Clean

Regular deep cleaning is essential if you want to live in a sanitary home, but sometimes people don’t realize that their homes need attention from an expert cleaning service. Check out the following signs so you know when deep house cleaning is necessary.

Unpleasant Smells

All kinds of smells can linger in a house, from the smell of microwaved salmon to the smell of cat litter. The key to getting rid of a bad smell is finding its source. However, you may come across unpleasant smells that are difficult to eliminate and deodorize. If your home has such negative smells, you should book online and get a deep clean from our maid service.

Stained Doors

Many people think cleaning doors and door frames regularly is unnecessary. But when left to get dirtier and dirtier, a door will begin to change color and become sticky from all the dirt that's built up over time.

The walls changed into a different color

The walls over time change color. Bathroom grout that has discolored is seen more quickly, but the same thing happens to standard walls. If you detect that your walls have changed color, it's time to deep clean your home.

Constant Sneezing

One of the key red flags that indicates your house is too dusty and needs a deep cleaning is when you find yourself sneezing frequently whenever you’re at home. If your nose is stuffy and congested, no matter how much you try to clear it, the reason could be that your house is just too dirty. Dust can cause respiratory problems and other health issues, so it’s important to address dust buildup as soon as possible. If you’re finding it difficult to tackle the dust on your own, perhaps because you have a dust mite allergy, consider hiring the Extra Care House Cleaning team, as we'll do an amazing job when you hire us for house cleaning.

Stained Floors

Whether you have porcelain tiles, wall-to-wall carpets, or hardwood flooring, you'll almost certainly have to deal with stains on your floor at some time. Regular cleaning will keep your floor clean, but only for a short while. Stains and spots on floors are often a sign your house needs a thorough cleaning. If neglected, the stains may get worse and become more difficult to remove.

Trash Accumulating

Take a look around the house. Is there just too much trash around? Sometimes a quick cleaning session is enough to make a big difference. But more often than not, accumulated trash can cause unsanitary conditions that only a deep clean can address.

Avoiding Certain Rooms

A home is often a reflection of its owner. If you find yourself avoiding certain rooms in your home, it may be time to get help from detailed-oriented, professional cleaning services.

Hidden Dirt

Dirt builds up over time in hard-to-reach places, like behind furniture/appliances and beneath the carpet. These areas are frequently neglected during routine cleaning.

Rusty Doors and Windows

When acidic substances (water included) come into contact with the metal components of your windows, doors, and doorknobs, rust forms. When you notice rust on your house's doors, windows, or other metallic parts, call Extra Care House Cleaning to use our maid service. we specialize in deep house cleaning.

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Here are the top reasons why you should choose us when you need a deep cleaning service:

What’s Included in Our Deep House Cleaning Services?

See our certified clean-screen checklist below (by room):


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Dining Room



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At Extra Care House Cleaning, we take pride in being able to provide the best maid services and deep cleaning services in Los Angeles, CA. Our customers are our top priority. Our team of well-trained, dedicated, and hard-working cleaners is second to none, and we’re proud that we can consistently deliver services that our clients have come to rely on.
Whether you’re looking for a one-time clean or a recurring service, our maids are fully equipped with the necessary products and tools, so they’ll be able to do such an amazing job, no matter what your requirements are.
They’re also detail-oriented and knowledgeable about their trade, so you can relax knowing that your home will be clean and inviting when they’re through with their cleaning service. We promise you’ll receive sparkling results, and if you’re ever not satisfied with our work, we’ll make things right.
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